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Our modern production equipment ensure a constant high quality of our products. For the demands of our customers and requirements at our products we have different production processes available.

The CAD (computer-aided design) development of tools makes it possible to simulate nearly all properties of a product.

Injection moulding

Using 1K, 2K and fully automated machinery, we produce articles in volume sizes ranging from 5 ml to maximum 500 ml.

Extrusion blow moulding

Using extrusion blow moulding we manufacture standard thermoplastic bottles in volume sizes from 10 ml to 1000 ml. We also supply the matching caps – all from a single source.

Thermosetting presses

Thermosetting plastics are among the first to be industrially produced and processed. These materials mark a revolution in which iron, wood and other more expensive materials were replaced by synthetics with far superior material qualities. Kochrom SRL uses thermosetting plastics to make caps and lids for premium cosmetic products.