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Kochrom SRL – is a part of the Hermann Koch group, that provides a largerframe for our customers needs and for the valorification of ideas coming from our employees.

Following our demand – diversity from one hand – we want to assure that our products are special on our market. So we are able to form a strong connection between technology – product – customer satisfaction from the very beginning.

Fair Play
We strive to give our customers top quality products and services. This challenge is self-evident. But we want to do more. Beyond our products and services, we want our customers to appreciate us. That`s why we treat customers and suppliers with respect and fairness – on all levels. The cooperation with our partners goes beyond daily business routines. That`s why we can guarantee that your plans will also become our goals.

We work as a team
The people who work at Kochrom are self-reliant, hard-working individuals. We encourage, train and support our staff, trust them, and ensure they profit from the company's success. Their professional development is one of our most important commitments. Each of our employees knows that we want to do more than simply meet the standards. Contributing an extra effort is what makes us – and our customers – successful. That's why we – managers and staff – work together as a team to meet the needs of our customers and suppliers. This effort goes beyond everyday rules and standards. It is part of our creative culture.
We set high standards. At the same time, we are always ready to do our best. We take time for our staff. We have confidence in their enthusiasm and creativity. That's why we work with them when it comes to decision. After all, our human resources are our most valuable assets – at all times and across all corporate sites. This is how we move forward – in the best interests of our customers.

We share the same goals
Our market is international. But we are not alone. That's why we continue to build the framework to remain at the forefront tomorrow. This involves continuous innovations and product improvements along with a consistent increase in our productivity. These are key aspects of our corporate philosophy.

Our goal is to be one of the best – not the biggest – in our market.